Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Capturing Google Earth flight

Recently I created a photoshow from my photos of the summer and there I wanted also to add a Google Earth flight, so that everybody has an idea where this location is; and also because its simply cool :-)

On the internet they say that the pro edition has such a functionality but it costs 400$.
I tried then severeal screen capturing tools CamStudio or AutoScreenRecorder. They may be good to capture the screen to show other people how to perform some actions but for the Google Earth flight they are too slow. If they are capturing the flight isn't smoothly anymore.
Fortunately I found a very good tool which is also used to capture games. It is called Fraps and does a very very good job. I tried it with the OpenGL as well as with the DirectX mode of Google Earth and it works well with both of them. I think that after the test period it makes a watermark on the video but I can live with that.

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