Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Very Simple Notes Application

My girlfriend asked me look for a small program wher she can add notes and delete them if necessary. I serached the internet and there are a lot of programs out there to do this, but they are all very complex and offer a huge amount of feautres that she does not need. Since I'm a programmer I decided to write one :-)

As the title says it is a really simple program. Here a screenshot of it:

and this is how it looks with some notes:

Obviously by clicking the trash the note is deleted. All the notes are saved in a simple XML file in the isolated storage of the user. This means that you can run the application from a readonly storage (like a CD) and it saves all Your notes in your user profiles folder.

If someone is interested in this very simple tool You can get it from here.


Juri Strumpflohner said...

Since girls often pay a lot of attention to nice-looking apps you may also consider also the Sticky Notes application which allows to place notes directly on the desktop :)

Manfred said...

You are absolutely right. As soon as I showed her "Sticky Notes" she wanted to have it :-) the only problem is that it is in english...