Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Microsoft Certification

Today I passed the microsoft exam 70536 Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation. I found it very interesting to prepare myself for this exam because despite that I program every day at work there were a lot of things that I simply didn't know that they exist. Other things I never understood completely and this exam helped me to find out how and why it works in this way. The exam itself was not very easy because the questions are very detailed and sometimes you simply have to have used some classes in order to know if a parameter is passed through the constructor or set with a property. The most difficult are the questions wher you have a list of steps and you have to bring them in the correct order; but not all steps may be needed. I find these kind of questions especially difficult because sometimes there is not only one way to accomplish the specified target. Anyway I am happy that I passed the exam and that now I can prepare myself for the next exam... a never ending story :-)

Now I got access to the MCP website from where I also got the logo which I proudly put on the right menu bar :-)