Sunday, January 20, 2008

Site layout improved and syntax highlighting added

Thanks to the article about a syntax highlighting plug in of my friend Juri I was finally able to improve the code parts on my blog. It is now better readable and in addition the syntax is highlighted which makes the code even better readable and understandable. Another change that I made which you may have noticed while reading this post, is that i enlarged the content of my page. There is now more space for the posts which make them better readable. I would like to thank my friend Juri which helped me to realize this. Thanks :-)

Enjoy my blog!!

1 comment:

Juri Strumpflohner said...

Thanks for all of your "thanks" :) but it wasn't such a big deal. Anyway I like your page now much more. It was really an improvement to enlarge the area for the posts since everything is much more readable now.
See you at the training today evening ;) ?!